Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leaders retreat

The opportunity to speak to Brazilian leaders is what brought us back to Brazil. Even though we have only been back to Brazil for a few days, we are already enjoying a week with two such opportunities. This morning I spoke for four hours to over 50 leaders about the abiding life in Jesus.

For four hours with only one ten minute break they were all 100% engaged. I love the Brazilian desire to learn.
What a privilege to be seeing firsthand what God is doing here.

I believe Brazilians are so open because they see God at work in everything. They see every situation as a Divine situation.
Perhaps the difficulties they face each and every day helps them depend more than most people. All I know is that they receive the words of Jesus as food for their souls.

I pray that this wonderful people will be able to spread this willingness to learn around the world.

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