Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There are moments in our lives when we see the consequences of decisions we made in the past. Sometimes those moments are awkward or painful. Sometimes they are wonderful. This past weekend Pam and saw some wonderful consequences of past decisions.

We arrived in Brazil in 1979 with a dream of starting a church in an upper, middle class neighborhood in a dynamic Brazilian city. God led us to São José dos Campos and the Bible Baptist Temple was begun in 1980. This past weekend Pam and I led a marriage retreat for 27 couples from that church which has now been in continuous ministry for 28 years. What wonderful consequences!

The thing that most blessed me was the thought that this church as endured enormous challenges. Right now the church is in a great phase and many are coming to Jesus. Even though we do not attend this church any longer, it is still a place where God did a profound work in us. Each time I pass by the church I thank God for all those who sent us to Brazil the first time.

I know that what we are doing today is going to bear fruit that remains, too. Doing what God asks is the best possible way to live!

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