Monday, August 18, 2008


I love the words of John Piper. "I am of the most use to God when I am the most satisfied in God." In his fantastic book Desiring God pastor Piper makes a beautiful and biblical defense of this fundamental statement.

I have come to see that satisfaction found in God always come before true kingdom usefulness. To use the John 15 metaphor again....the satisfying Vine always comes before the satisfying fruit.

Here are a few thoughts about satisfaction that I found in my prayer journal from a few years back.

True ministry is satisfaction I have already found in God being freely given as love.

No ministry rises higher than its level of satisfaction in God.

Everything that matters rises and falls on satisfaction found in God.

The measure of a church is its level of satisfaction being found in God and released as love.

If I am to be hated in the world, may it be because I am so satisfied in God it creates a kind of light and love that disturbs the darkness.

A church is to be the satisfied and satisfying presence of Jesus right in the middle of a starving community.

I hope your level of satisfaction found is God is your first goal each day. If it is not, your usefulness to God will be less than it could have been.

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