Saturday, August 16, 2008


One of the most used words in human conversation in the world is the word "fair". Fair is not a God word. It is a word of Satan. God's word is the word righteous. God's word is love. God's word is grace.
Satan offers us fair. Fair is so much less than we need. God offers so much more than fair.

The word fair is birthed in an environment of unrighteousness and inequality. Fair is far less than God's original intent for us. Fair is not a word a man or women of deep faith and satisfaction will highly esteem or often use. Fair is not a word Jesus used to inspire his followers. Look closely at Jesus' life and teachings. Did he appeal to fair as the goal? Did He complain that people did not treat Him fairly? Look again at Him and hear him call us to righteousness, to love and to grace. He calls us to move beyond fair.

To take up His cross is to abandon forever the quest for fair. There was nothing fair about the cross. Had Jesus focused on fair we would have been the one's crucified. That might have been fair, but Jesus was beyond the question of fair.

Judas sought fair. That is why he betrayed Jesus. Peter sought fair. That is why he drew the sword and stuck the man arresting Jesus. Jesus corrected Peter's pursuit of fair with a healing of the aggressor and the correction of Peter. He will do the same with us if we insist on fair instead of righteousness and love. He will heal our attacker as we watch and then say our actions in the pursuit of fair have nothing to do with Him.

What has fair ever done for the world? What has right and wrong really transformed? Why is it so hard for us to move beyond fair and leave it behind as we seek the Kingdom first?

Love destroys the word fair and makes it irrelevant and unneeded. In Heaven the word fair will disappear forever and I, for one, have already committed to move beyond fair. I pray I will never treat anyone ever again as if being fair with them is enough.
Fair is not enough. Only righteousness, love and grace are enough. If I only treat people fairly, I am far from the ways of Jesus.

Every time you use the word fair know that it did not come from Jesus.

Many years ago I read the words of Oswald Chambers and they helped me see where fair would lead me. He said "In the world never expect justice, but never cease to give it." Little by little I have been led to the same conclusion. I am tired of man's fairness. It kills. I am more and more ready for the day when fair is replaced by righteousness, love and grace. Jesus' presence is all three in me and in you right now. Let go of fair. It is not the goal.


Shane Par-Due said...
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Shane Par-Due said...

Whoo! I remember you speaking on this very topic when I lived in South Florida. This was one of my favorite sermons I had ever heard! Thanks for keeping up with your blog!

bud mccord said...

The fact that people remember my sermons is sobering! I, too, am growing each day. I unlearn and I learn. Jesus continues to amaze me, inspire me and rebuke me. I am so glad you are letting Him do the same in your life.