Friday, September 09, 2005

Course on counseling

I have never considered myself a great counselor. You can imagine my surprise when upon arriving in Brazill I was assigned a 16 week course entitled "counseling".

I accepted the challenge as from the Lord and I have been pleasantly surprised by the response of the nearly 60 Brazilians taking the course. We are all learning together. We are learning that the greatest of all counselors lives in each of us. If we will simply receive His wisdom, we can be of help to hurting people.

Once again, my desire to control was getting in the way of my availability to those in need. It is truly a blessing to still be learning and growing at age 54. I think leaving one's country makes learning come alive again. Maybe you should try it, too!
Even a short missions trip will work.

Take a missions trip. That's my counsel. See, I can counsel!

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