Monday, September 19, 2005

The power of a lie

Pam and I are living with an interesting situation right now. All of our material possessions are in the port city of Santos in a 20 foot container. It is strange to be our age and have everything we own reduced to a container! We are living in a nearly vacant apartment in a nice building, but we have nothing that regularly reminds us of our past.

Aparently what is holding up our container is a lie. Either the people in Miami are lying or the lawyer here is lying. Either way, our past is held up by a lie. Until the lie is revealed and resolved we will have to live with what we have today.

I know God has allowed this but it is still a really strange to be so impacted by one lie. I am beginning to realize the power of a single lie to hold up things we desire to have in our daily lives.

The whole world is held up by multiple lies. Jesus is the truth. When we listen to him, little by little we regain what has been held up in the corrupt world system.

When we receive our things it will be like Christmas. Kind of reminds me of what it has felt like in my life every time some lie that has held me captive has been destroyed by the truth in Jesus. It is like someone finally gave me a beautiful present which had been held up by some lie.

Can you imagine what it will be like to live in a place where there are no lies? We won't need customs at all!

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