Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yesterday I attended a funeral service for an 82 year old member of our church here in Brazil. She was a very deeply respected member of the church, our city and the Japanese immigrant community. In the state where Pam and I live there are over 2 million Japanese immigrants who have been coming to Brazil over the past 80 years.

During our brief time here I did not get to know this tiny, yet powerful woman of God. At her funeral I learned that she was a very influential woman. It was obvious by the crowd and by the comments. This very petite woman had true power that came from her walk with God.

I often reflect on Jesus' words about the greatest in the Kingdom of God being a servant or like a little child. Yesterday's funeral was an illustration of how true influence often appears weak in this world. The pastor who conducted the funeral recalled how this woman's feet never hit the ground when she would sit each week in the same chair at church. Her frame was small but her life was large.

I would like to think I really understand this weak being strong teaching of Jesus. I know this little woman understood it much better than I. I could tell by the crowd and the comments. Even in death she was influential.

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