Friday, September 02, 2005


Today was one of those memorable days. Since it was so memorable, why is it I will not remember it like I should?
God was super evident in today's happenings. If he isn't tomorrow, why won't I remember today like I should and behave like Jesus would?
It frustrates me that my memory of God's love and provision seems to slip from my memory so easily. God has made Himself so evident to me that my memory banks should be full.

I suppose the proof of growth in one's spiritual life is to be able to behave like Jesus when God's love is not evident.
I am in training as one of Jesus' disciples. I am being trained to trust God when He is not evident in ways that I would like.

Today was one of those days when God was highly visible in my life. I pray my memory will not fade as quickly as the next tough day. God's patience is unlimited. It is a good thing!

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