Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A dream

It was on this date last year that God clearly revealed to me that He wanted us back in Brazil. I was returning from speaking in a conference in Brazil when God confirmed this dream in my heart. At the moment it became clear to me I was flying back to Miami somewhere high above the amazon jungle. Those who know me well know that I don't like to fly. The good news about flying is I pray a lot.

The dream God confirmed in my heart was to help Brazilian believers--especially pastors and their wives--learn to lead while abiding. I know from personal experience that leading from abiding is the most powerful way to influence others for God's glory. God has burned this message into my life and I want to share it here in Brazil.

A part of the dream is to have a place in the mountains where people from Brazil and around the world can come and learn more about the abiding life of Jesus. Pam and I have been dreaming of such a place for several years now.

Yesterday Pam and I drove up to the mountains to pray and dream. Will you pray and dream with us? Someday such a place will become a reality, Lord willing.

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